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Peggy Poe Stern
475 Church Hollow Rd
Boone, NC 28607

01  Heaven-high and Hell-deep
      Laine's Beech Mountain Story
       ISBN 1-59513-055-1
       2003, paperback, 347 pages
       Read excerpt
      Available as ebook at


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02  Tamarack
        The Beekeeper's Daughter
        ISBN 1-59513-054-3
        2003, paperback, 273 pages

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03  When Robins Weep
        The Christmas Tree Lady
        ISBN 1-59513-053-5
        2004, paperback, 392 pages
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04  Hills of Home
        The Farmer's Daughter
        ISBN 1-59513-052-7
        2005, paperback, 312 pages

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05  Stud from Horney Hollow
        The Collier Mistress
        ISBN 1-59513-051-9
        2005, paperback, 328 pages
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06  Mountain Splendor
       Long Hope Mountain Gal
       ISBN 1-59513-050-0
       2006, paperback, 290 pages

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07  Blood Moon Rising
        Uncertain Revenge
        ISBN 978-1-59513-049-5
        2006, paperback, 303 pages
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08  Wild Thing
       Aggie's Legacy
       ISBN 978-1-59513-048-8
       2007, paperback, 367 pages
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09  Above All
       Laine's Beech Mtn Story - Book 2
       ISBN 978-1-59513-047-1
       2007, paperback, 346 pages
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10  Joppa
        A Story of Love
        ISBN 978-1-59513-046-4
        2008, paperback, 360 pages
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11  Thunder Hole
        The Blackberry Summer
        ISBN 978-1-59513-045-7
        2008, paperback, 359 pages
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12  An Honorable Man
        Surviving Daniel
        ISBN 978-1-59513-044-0
        2009, paperback, 352 pages
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13  Running Wild
       Raven's Story,
       A sequel to Wild Thing
       ISBN 978-1-51513-043-3
       2009, paperback, 330 pages
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14  Dream Lover
        My Time as Chessy Spade
        ISBN 1-978-59513-042-6
        2010, paperback, 415 pages

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15  Blood Kin
        Deliverance out of Pisgah
        ISBN 1-978-59513-041-9
        2010, paperback, 365 pages

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16  Blind Faith
        Lost Mountain
        ISBN 1-978-59513-040-2
        2010, paperback, 351 pages
       Read excerpt


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17  Served Cold
        Mountain Justice
        ISBN 1-978-59513-039-6
        2011, paperback, 357 pages
       Read Excerpt


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18  Better Off Dead     
        Fighting Fate, Round One
        ISBN 1-978-59513-038-9
        2011, paperback, 319 pages


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19  Better Off Gone
        Fighting Fate, Round Two
        ISBN 1-978-59513-037-2
        2011, paperback, 301 pages


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20  Along Came a Stranger
        Old Barns of Ashe
        ISBN 1-978-59513-036-5
        2011, paperback, 157 pages


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21  Wanted
        Blue Ridge Bounty Hunters
        ISBN 1-978-59513-035-8
        2012, paperback, 309 pages


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22   Mountain Gorillia
        Laine's Beech Mtn Story, Book 3
        ISBN 1-978-59513-034-1
        2012, paperback, 307 pages


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23   The Risin Sun
        Seeking Justice
        ISBN 1-978-59513-033-4
        2012, paperback, 303 pages


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101 Mountain Talk
        A Guide to Mountain Speech
        ISBN 1-978-59513-035-8
        2004, paperback, 104 pages


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102 To Everything There is a
       A Guide to growing Things in
         Harmony with the Moon Signs
         ISBN 1-59513-025-X
         2007, paperback, 191 pages
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103 Hunting the Haunted
         Booger Tales - One
         ISBN 978-1-59513-026-6
         2009, paperback, 315 pages
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201 Buck from Staggs Creek
       Appalachian Tall Tales- One
         ISBN 978-1-59513-056-3
         Fiction-tall tales
         2011, paperback, 267 pages
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ˇ          Avery Post                               828-733-1407

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ˇ          Twigs on the Roan                   423-772-0221

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