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Her latest book, Novel #35, is Arms to Hold Me.

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Novel #35

The North Carolina Blue Ridge is home to Peggy and her family as well as her novels. As with many Appalachian natives, she's only willing to leave the verdant mountains for short visits.
Readers describe her novels as masterpieces of mountain life. Peggy has the rare gift of letting them 'be right there' sharing the experiences and feelings of her characters.

Peggy was born at the end of a dirt road called Sugar Tree in Ashe County. At fourteen, she met her future husband, David Stern. Married at seventeen, she had her first four children within five years. Later on, she had two more.
She likes to tell people that David wanted twelve children, but she will only meet a man half-way - and so agreed to have six.
Peggy says her life is like a patchwork quilt. It's made from a rag of almost everything.
When asked what she wanted to become as a child, she answers, "I wanted to become a doctor, a lawyer, or a writer. I thought a writer would take less preparation and money. Was I ever wrong."
When asked about her writing, Peggy smiles and says, "I'm a natural-born story teller. Therefore, I suppose I'm a natural-born writer, too. Although, for about thirty-eight years, I didn't think so. I thought people who wrote had to have many years of college education and a string of letters after their name, but I learned it was not necessarily true. Author, Terry Kay gave me some advice that has never left my mind. He said, 'All words are the same. It's how you use them that will make the difference'."
"Words are tools used to put images into readers minds. With every word I write, I hope I am giving the reader images that will last a life time. I want the reader to see life - the good and the bad of it. To live a bit of history - a bit of mountain heritage that is fading fast. I want the readers to breathe in of the characters in each book and understand their sorrows and pleasures, the hardships and the joys of life. Most of all, I want every reader who buys a book to say, ''That's the best money I've ever spent,'  then want to put it on a shelf for keeping as a treasured memory."

Peggy has twenty-six novels published, four non-fiction books, and one Appalachian tall tale published. "Usually I have eight manuscripts in my computer that I'm working on. The information I want in each manuscript won't always come to me, but information on one of them always will. That's why I write more than one novel at at time."
When asked where she gets her idea's for a novel from, she grins and says, "That's not hard. I can feel the wind blow and have a wonderful idea for another book. I have so many ideas they fight with each other over which one gets told first."

Read for entertainment and learning. Discover the life and times of the Appalachian people. Start a collection.

The first editions are 100% Peggy Poe Stern – she writes the characters’ stories, paints the cover picture, then prints and binds each book. Her novels will become your heirlooms.

Visit your local library to enjoy Peggy’s books. If her books aren’t in their collection, Peggy would be most appreciative if you would share this site and request her books be added for their patrons’ enjoyment. 


Contact Peggy at 828-963-5331 to purchase books with a card or check. Let her know how you would like them autographed. Visit the Purchase Books page to purchase online. E-mail, call, fax, or write Peggy to suggest corrections, give feedback, arrange presentations, or make other special requests:


Peggy Poe Stern

475 Church Hollow Road

Boone, NC 28607

828-963-5331 Tel

828-963-4101 Fax



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