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Mountain Talk
A guide to Mountain Speech

  The isolation of the Appalachian Mountains preserved some of the old sayings and speech of the earliest American settlers. This guide is a dictionary of commonly used mountain words and phrases.

101. ISBN #1-59513-024-1 $9.95


To Everything There is a Season
A Guide to Growing Things in Harmony with the Moon Signs

The pull of the moon affects all living things just as it influences the ebb and flow of the tides. Old timers have learned and past down the wisdom of gardening and living in tune with the signs, phases, cycles, and seasons effected on the earth by the moon, sun, stars, and planets. This guide assists in determining the best times and methods to take advantage of these time honored traditions.  In addition to Peggy's comments and excerpts on country life, this guide contains generous useful information for living close with the earth.





102. ISBN #1-59513-025-X  $12.95




Hunting the Haunted
Booger Tales - One

“This man is a stranger, someone you don’t know?” Grace seemed to have the same opinion of my ghost hunter as Ree did. “You’ve never seen him before, know nothing about him?”

“Never saw him before in my life.”

“He drives a hearse? A real one?” Ree asked.

“So he said.”

“And you’re really going with him to the backside of nowhere to search for ghosts?” Grace couldn’t believe I wasn’t joking. Her logical mind had trouble accepting something like this.

“I suppose I am. At least, I promised him I would.”

“Alone?” she continued.

“Just me and him, two strangers disappearing into a dark and rainy night.”

103: ISBN 98-1-59513-026-6  $20.00

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